The writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, reminds us that every artist was first an amateur. The great photographers of our time and earlier times all began as amateurs: Berenice Abbott, Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, Eugene Atget, or even Walker Evans and Robert Frank. Some got their start in camera clubs, some at home with mom and dad, some when uncle Jim or aunt Donna gave them a camera, and some as school photographers on a newspaper or yearbook.
Edna Bullock began her photographic career in 1976 at the age of 61, one year after the death of her husband, renowned photographer Wynn Bullock...

To use the Stop-System, you need first of all good negatives, that are correctly exposed and treated.

The Stop-system is a simple and direct method to calibrate the eye, enabling the photographer, in the lab or the studio, to evaluate his test and make the corrections in f/stops for the desired result. Master black and white printing and learn new darkroom techniques with the stop-system. A photo book with illustrations and diagrams explains the method for beginners or advanced photographers.